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Co-Founder/Executive Editor Bristow Beat, LLC

Stacy Shaw is the co-owner and Executive Editor of Bristow Beat, LLC otherwise known as BristowBeat.com. Founded in 2012, Bristow Beat now boasts between 40,000 and 150,000 unique visits per month to its local news website and has 14,000 plus friends on Facebook.

An exclusive news site to Western Prince William County and the surrounding area, Bristow Beat provides daily news on issues important to local residents and commuters such as news, crime, education, business, features and entertainment.

Local sponsorships in the form of online banner ads and sponsored articles support our dynamic product. We provide assistance in marketing your business to people within a 5 to 25 mile radius. We work with you to craft messages and images that create buzz, and provide the perfect platform to allow you to tell your story and deliver it straight to your future customers’ devices all at an affordable price.