A group that exchange quality business leads and referrals while having fun in the process.

Wisdom, Wealth & Wine Join a group which focuses on building value relationship in our community. Wine and Wealth building through POSITIVE PRODUCTIVE GROWTH quality networking and education



Welcome to Bull Run Networking

Bull Run Networking holds a bi-monthly gathering is a distinctive forum where local business owners congregate every two months to cultivate knowledge, enrich wealth, and savor fine wines. This rendezvous serves as a nurturing ground for both burgeoning and seasoned entrepreneurs to exchange insights, discuss innovative ideas, and share wisdom on business growth and sustainability.

Each meeting is segmented into interactive sessions focusing on diverse aspects of business, encompassing finance, marketing, management, and technology, integrated with intriguing presentations on the subtleties of wine – its history, varieties, and tasting notes. The aim is to intertwine business acumen with a refined palate, encouraging a holistic approach to success and leisure.

This convergence provides a unique opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, foster collaborations, and elevate business endeavors, all while savoring exquisite wines and unraveling the enigma behind each bottle. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur yearning for direction, or a successful business owner willing to impart wisdom, the Vine & Ventures Bi-Monthly Gathering offers a harmonious blend of professional growth and sensory pleasure.